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The Earth is covered by water, however, almost 97% is salt water found in the oceans. We can not drink salt water or use it for crops because of the salt content. We can remove salt from ocean water, but the process is very expensive

The water cycle is very important, as water is very important to us. Can you imagine that if there no water cycle, the water that evaporate from the sea, oceans and lake would not fall as precipitate and where are we going to find water? We can not live without water. Approximately three-fourths of the Earth is covered with water--salt water. Of this water, approximately one percent is the fresh water on which we depend. The fresh water that we use and its continuous replacement is a result of the water cycle. The earth have limited amount of fresh water and if water that evaporate never return back to earth, we would not be living now. One can live longer without food than without water.


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